CBD Broad Spectrum Gummy Bears

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CBD Broad Spectrum Gummy Bears

CBD Extracts UK vegan CBD gummies are a fun, easy and tasty way to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) into your health and wellness regime. Ingesting CBD in any way ensures you get a slow, steady release of cannabinoids into your system. It also ensures you get an accurate dosage of CBD. This is especially useful for those just beginning to experiment with CBD as a health supplement or treatment option.

Most importantly, CBD Gummies taste fantastic. There is no bitter aftertaste and the effect is almost immediate. The CBD is extracted from naturally grown hemp in the EU with seed to sale certification. These are unique and sweet-tasting CBD Gummies and they are ready to eat fresh out of the jar. Enjoy one as a snack in between meals or first thing in the morning so you can truly feel the benefits!
These are the 15mg strength gummies which are also available in a 25mg dose. However, we think 15 mg is good if you’re trying CBD for the first time. Each pot contains 10 gummies and the childproof lid means the gummies are for adult use only.

The gummy is coated in CBD so the effects of gummies can be quicker than other edibles as the CBD begins to digest once you start to chew. Gummies sometimes take 5-10 mins to take effect, but they could take up to an hour depending on your body type. You should feel the effects for 2-4 hours depending on the person.

What is in CBD Extracts UK Vegan-Friendly Gummies?

Each jar contains 10 CBD-infused gummies, all made using natural ingredients. Candid use only natural flavours like fruit juice to give their gummies their unique and tasty flavour.

CBD Extracts UK understands that everyone is different and that’s why they provide their gummies in two different strengths – choose between 15 mg of CBD or 25 mg of CBD.

CBD gummies are 100% vegan. Not only does this make them suitable for those who avoid animal-made products of any kind, but it also means they’re suitable for customers who are following religious diets.

Although the gummies are not strictly kosher or halal certified, vegan certified products are much more suitable than non-vegan products for religious dietary requirements.