6th May 2021

Welcome to CBD Extracts UK

Welcome to CBD Extracts UK

Hi there,

My name is Peter, I am the CEO of CBD Extracts UK, this is my first blog and I thought I'd give a description of the company and some info/facts around CBD itself.

We are based in the UK and our overall aim is to deliver 5 star legal cannabinoid products to our clientele up and down the country with an option of next day delivery.

On the website we have a range of cannabinoid hemp products all legal in the UK which have been extracted using only the Co2 extraction method. To get you started, with more exciting new products on the way we have Gummy Bears, Capsules and Terpsolates.

Here are some fun, true facts and history around hemp and cannabis:

  • 50,000 products can be manufactured from the cannabis hemp plant including composites and plastics.
  • Cannabis hemp plants are easy to cultivate which has helped to make them an important substance, also one of the most grown crops in history.
  • Cultivation of hemp has been found at its earliest around 12,000 years ago in Taiwan.
  • In Colorado medical dispensaries outnumber Starbucks 3:1.